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A few minutes about us at the GWRS. We are working at getting the message out about who we are and what we love to do. Some footage from the previous video with a few brief shots of our new locomotives and railcars near the end. I just had to include the same intro. Yes, the minute of audio only. No need to adjust your display settings. Bare with me. It is the first OCS Main Track clearance ever taken at the GWR from March 2019. I am just so proud of how our whole team embraced this drastic change to how we work and stay safe every day. They continue to impress me time after time at their passion to continue to get it right, every time. The whole concept was so new to so many of the team, but they hit it out of the park from day one.

Adventure – Bensound.com
One Fine Summer – Purple Planet Music

WCSLRA: C$0.5MM for Marketing Program

The Western Canadian Short Line Railway Association (WCSLRA) has received C$506,800 from the Government of Canada’s PrairiesCan (Prairies Economic Development Canada) Western Diversification Program to fund a three-year Short Line Railway Marketing Program in partnership with 18 short line railways in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

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WCSLRA: C$0.5MM for Marketing Program

Grading Days

Know what’s in your bin! Come join us with Great Western Commodities & Intertek at Frontier on Oct 23rd, Admiral on Oct 24th, & Lafleche on Oct 25th to get your grain graded for FREE. If you are not able to make it on those days, you can drop off your samples at Admiral or Frontier anytime before those dates and we will send your results to you. Your results will also be shared with us and the loading terminals in the area so that we can help you capture more sales opportunities.


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