If you wish to be the first to know what we are in the market for and at what price on any given day, please click on the "contact us form" link below to submit your contact information:


You may also send your information by text at 306-294-7232, or email Jenn at jnorheim@gwcommodities.com.

Feel free to call Jenn anytime at 306-294-7232, or in the office at 306-297-2777. We would love to learn more about your operation and how we can help get your grain to market.

We offer quick payment based on origin grade so you do not have to wait for your cheque!

Jennifer Norheim
Manager of Business Development

Great Western Commodities was formed in response to a growing number of requests for Great Western Railway to get involved in the coordination, and in some cases, the buying and selling of grain along the network. GWC is here to help build awareness of the local opportunities and to assist in coordinating grain trades, terminal handling and /or any rail shipping needs. Producers understood to importance of the railway and their grain elevators, and we want to continue to support those producers and facilities by exploring as many opportunities as possible. GWC is license and bonded with the Canadian Grain Commission and ready to help you move your grain.
For any of your grain shipping needs, please contact Jennifer Norheim at (306) 294-7232 or visit Great Western Commodities website for more details.

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