Railcar Storage
Great Western Railway is a leading supplier of Railcar Storage in the Canadian Prairies. We have capacity of over 2000 car spots available for storage across our network in southern Saskatchewan. We have great access to the CP Rail mainline at Moose Jaw through our interchange with CP at Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Along with competitive rates, we are known for our flexible, efficient, and reliable service to ensure that all your needs are looked after. We welcome all rail car storage opportunities. Whether short term, long term, small blocks of traffic or moves of up to several hundred cars, our team has the experience to handle your storage requirements. The GWRS is proud to have fostered long term relationships with many car owners and shippers and has stored several thousand rail cars of various types over the past few years. We specialize in tailoring unique and creative agreements to suit your individual needs with a focus on building long term relationships to better support your business. Call Jennifer Norheim to learn more about our rail car storage service. office 306-297-2777
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