Oil Products
Since the discovery of oil in the Upper Shaunavon Member of the Middle Jurassic Formation in 1952, both the upper and lower fields have been the targets of hydrocarbon exploration. It wasn't until 2005 with the introduction of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing technology that the field started drawing attention from big players in the oil and gas industry. It is currently considered to be a key oil play in Saskatchewan.
Great Western Railway provides a competitive option for transporting crude oil and other energy sector related products including inbound sand shipments. GWR has been active with shipping thousands of crude by rail carloads in the past, and is well poised to restart these crude by rail operations as the market dictates. In the past three years, inbound carloads of sand shipments have become, and continue to be a key segment of our current freight operations. We are connected via rail anywhere in North America, for your energy industry shipping needs.

Crude Oil Trans-loading Facilities

Instow (109.8)

Dollard (8.6)

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